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The Shadow’s Edge, LLC

Sol Turtlevine

CBMT, Alchemist

Sol is an expert level CMBT, Reiki Master and Alchemist dedicated to combining the wisdom of human anatomy, energetic and sound frequencies with our connection to all of nature to bring awareness to everyone’s ability to transmute energy. They are passionate about empowering the individual experience, supporting transitional experiences (both energetic and physical), and nurturing independence with compassion and appreciation. Committed to empowering the connection to radical authentic living, Sol focuses on the balance and harmony of spiritual and practical; physical and energetic to transmute energies for healing, enhancing focus, and promoting purposeful living. Certified in Sound, Crystal & Chakra Healing, 6 Sacred Ceremonies & Course Facilitator. 

Empower your authentic truth

The Shadow’s Edge, LLC was established by Sol Turtlevine representing the intentional purpose to provide deep internal shadow work guidance and healing as you stand on the edge of a breakthrough to awaken your radical authentic self.

Events + Popups

Fairs and Community Events

Sol participates in both MeWe Fairs and the BEPC Expo offering sound & energy alchemy healing sessions, craniosacral, and intuitive readings. These events range from Northern Washington State down to Eugene, Oregon.

Sol offers community event opportunities for sound bath journeys, workshops, and certification courses for sound healing. There are also opportunities to book a personalized private individual or group journey.

Healing Therapy

Approaches to Healing Work

Sound & energy alchemy has been known to assist with the following: aches/pains, arthritis, anxiety, depression, circulation stimulation, headaches/migraines, impulsivity, inflammation, injuries, impulsivity, inflammation, stress, trauma, repetative cycles, and so much more!


Aura Cleansing


Chakra Balancing


Cranial Sacral Therapy




Meditation Guidance


Sound Therapy

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